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At Quaatso, we offer Online Learning Tutorial Courses to our learners for Software Development, Software Testing and Industrial Automation. Here, in our online teaching methodology, we have incorporated Animations, PowerPoint Slides, MindMaps, Quizzes, Simulations, Interactive Graphics, online Presentation Audio, Visuals Slides, and a lot more and also facilitates sharing other file types like PDF’s and Word files. Other than this, we also send recorded videos to our learners for later access.

To join our online tutorial courses, register at Quaatso and access our tutorial material anytime, anywhere and using any mobile device or website browser for lifetime. We emphasize to engage more with our learners with real-time audio-video communication, live text chats, and interactive whiteboards.

A recent research indicates that learners learn better with multimedia learning. Under multimedia learning, we at Quaatso, offers various multimedia techniques including videos, animations, and PowerPoint presentations to maximize learning. Our Multimedia learning methodologies mainly focuses on helping the learners understand the technical concepts using words and images only. Here, in multimedia learning, the instructional content is delivered using multiple modes including visual and auditory information.

Connect and collaborate in the eLearning environment by joining our discussion forums and groups. By designing online forums and groups in our eLearning tutorial courses, our professionals have fulfilled the need of virtual interaction with learners. Other than peer-to-peer discussion, the online forums and groups prove helpful in keeping learners up-to-date with the latest news about online course and getting support from instructors.

Learn at Quaatso and get recognition for your skills by earning badges

At Quaatso, after successful completion of tutorial online courses, we provide Certificates of Achievement and Digital Badges to demonstrate your knowledge, achievements and competencies to the employers. Once earned, these digital badges can be shared by learners on their resumes, e-portfolios, social networking profiles, job sites, websites and more. Our information-rich open badges fulfill the online standard to recognize and verify your learning at Quaatso.

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