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At Quaatso, we help our learners maximize their learning potential. By using the latest and most effective techniques for learning, we focus here to develop real communication and meaningful relationships between learners and our instructors. We believe in the fact that more interaction between learners and instructors results in more efficient learning. In Classroom courses, we provide our learners a platform to share information, connect with others and encouraging their participation in classes, thereby, making the class sessions more effective.

Our key Teaching Methodologies:

  • More learners’ involvement in the classes.
  • Developing problem solving skills.
  • Promoting learners for discussions and group activities.
  • Making learning more interesting and enjoyable.

At Quaatso, our designers have designed interactive sessions by engaging learners with our experienced professionals. Get hands-on experience on the Live projects, pitch in your own ideas, work with our big teams and learn how to solve the critical issues.

To make the learning process more interactive, we have incorporated Animations, PowerPoint Slides, MindMaps, Quizzes, Simulations, Interactive Graphics, and a lot more. We emphasize to engage more with our learners with real-time audio-video communication, live text chats, and interactive whiteboards.

At Quaatso, we provide our learners an advantage of viewing the recorded videos of the tutorial courses. The videos can be viewed at learners’ convenience and from anywhere and anytime using their mobile devices, laptops, tablets or smartphones. With our recorded tutorial videos, learners can learn at their own individual pace resulting in maximized learning. These easy-to-deliver recorded videos helps engaging and encouraging the learners, thus, resulting in more effective learning.

Our designed free online tests, practical assignments and quizzes help learners refine their test taking skills. Our trained professionals provide instant feedback, explanations and detailed analysis. We, at Quaatso, majorly focus on each and every innovative way of learning to help our learners build their concepts in a stronger way and enhance their knowledge. Nonetheless, using our online assignments even students can prepare for their exams and studies.


We, at Quaatso, have Industry experts as Instructors having in-depth knowledge of Software Development, Software Testing, and Automation concepts. Our highly-experienced instructors have strong technical expertise and know exactly the current demand of IT Industry.

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The learning is not just about what we teach. It is about what people understand and remember, and what they can use in the workplace. To ensure this, we base our training on learning principles that optimise behaviour and improve performance.

The learning effect also heavily relies on how messages are delivered and if they are deemed trustworthy by the receiver. This is why we strongly believe that people working in the operation needs to be trained by instructors that have operational experience and hence knows the reality of a captain or a drillers working environment. Our instructors have an operational background.

We use drillers to train other drillers and captains to train captains. All our instructors with operational background are regularly circulated back to work in their professional operations for some years before returning, in order to maintain their practical skills and to follow the development in their profession.

Our instructors are our most important and valuable asset. Their skills, knowledge, behaviour and ability to communicate are the key to deliver “a better learning experience” for our customers. We train to improve safety and performance excellence in the operations of our customers.