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In the information age, everything is becoming digital. This variety of high volume digital data being created day by day need to be stored in a way that is fast, easy and cheap. Hadoop can store enormous amount of data on enormous cluster of computers. No data is too big if you handle it with Hadoop.

By understanding customer behavior, Hadoop makes it feasible to analyze and explore the large amount of data with related programming environments for various purposes. It can work across inexpensive servers that can both store and process data which is called as distributed processing and in Parallel Processing you can work on one or more servers at the same time. Hadoop is open source software which utilizes distributed parallel processing.

Before storing your data you don’t need to know how to analyze your data. Almost anything in any format such as emails, audio files, structured data, unstructured data can easily be managed using Hadoop. Hadoop will perform the same function which you will tell to perform irrespective of data size, format etc. Hadoop is flexible as data of any type or format can be stored.

Without changing the data formats, new data can be added whenever needed to cluster in the form of nodes. The system redirects the work to another location of the data if a node is lost. Hence the process continues. It is cost effective as there is a sizeable decrease in the cost per terabyte of storage. It does not require special parallel processing hardware which makes it affordable. Hadoop analyses large volume of data in comparatively less time.

Hadoop answers to the queries you could never think of. It makes all the available data meaningful and useable for better analysis, research and also for development work.

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Course Curriculum

Section 1: Introduction to Big Data and Hadoop
What is Big Data? 02:00:00
History of Big Data 02:00:00
Challenges for processing Big Data 02:00:00
Technologies supporting Big Data 02:00:00
What is Hadoop? 02:00:00
Why Hadoop? 02:00:00
History of Hadoop 02:00:00
Scope of Hadoop 02:00:00
Section 2: Hadoop Essentials
Download Hadoop 02:00:00
Installing and Set up of Hadoop 02:00:00
Core elements of Hadoop 02:00:00
Data management in Hadoop 02:00:00
Use cases of Hadoop 02:00:00
Hadoop Ecosystem Components 02:00:00
Vendor comparision 02:00:00
Hardware Recommendations 02:00:00
When to use Hadoop 02:00:00
Section 3: HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System)
Introduction to HDFS 02:00:00
HDFS Design 02:00:00
Role of HDFS in Hadoop 02:00:00
Features of HDFS 02:00:00
Daemons of Hadoop 02:00:00
Network Topology 02:00:00
Data Organization 02:00:00
Data Storage in HDFS 02:00:00
Accessing HDFS 02:00:00
HDFS Federation 02:00:00
Section 4: MapReduce
Introduction to MapReduce 02:00:00
How MapReduce works 02:00:00
Creating Input and Output Formats in MapReduce Jobs 02:00:00
Hadoop I/O 02:00:00
Data Localization in MapReduce 02:00:00
Combiner and Partitioner 02:00:00
Joins 02:00:00
Counters 02:00:00
Distributed Cache 02:00:00
Job Scheduling 02:00:00
Section 5: PIG
Introduction to Apache PIG 02:00:00
PIG Data Flow Engine 02:00:00
MapReduce Vs. PIG 02:00:00
Data Types in PIG 02:00:00
Modes of Execution in PIG 02:00:00
Execution Mechanisms 02:00:00
Loading Data 02:00:00
Operators/Transformations In PIG 02:00:00
Exploring PIG 02:00:00
When to use PIG 02:00:00
Latin Commands 02:00:00
Section 6: HIVE
Introduction to HIVE 02:00:00
HIVE Architecture 02:00:00
Data Types in HIVE 02:00:00
Partitions and buckets 02:00:00
Joins in HIVE 02:00:00
Section 7: HBASE
Introduction to HBASE 02:00:00
Fundamentals of HBASE 02:00:00
HBASE Architecture 02:00:00
HBASE Data Model 02:00:00
HMaster and Region Servers 02:00:00
HBASE Vs. RDBMS 02:00:00
HBASE Designing Tables 02:00:00
HBASE Commands 02:00:00
Write Pipeline 02:00:00
Read Pipeline 02:00:00
HDFS Vs. HBASE 02:00:00
Section 8: Flume
Introduction to Flume 02:00:00
Uses of Flume 02:00:00
Flume Architecture 02:00:00
Section 9: SQOOP
Introduction to SQOOP 02:00:00
Use of SQOOP 02:00:00
SQOOP Commands 02:00:00
Joins in SQOOP 02:00:00
Export to HBASE 02:00:00

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    I had no prior knowledge about Hadoop before enrolling for this course. Now I feel confident. The course module is well structured and covers all the concepts. I am very impressed.

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    I enrolled for Hadoop Course after going through the demo. All the concepts are covered in a well defined way. All the questions are answered by the instructor. Good study materials and lectures.

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    This course was what I was looking for. The instructor has immense knowledge of the subject. All the concepts were explained in detail. The course material and videos will be available any time even after course completion. I am very happy and satisfied with this course.

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    I took Hadoop Course. It covers all concepts. The instructor has lot of knowledge and practical experience. The classes are good. Learning is fun and you will never feel bored.

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