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Industrial Automation Essentials


Knowledge of Industrial Automation Essentials is necessary to survive and compete in today’s world where Automation plays a vital role. Automation is one of the fastest growing segments in the field of Process industries. Industrial automation is the use of robotic devices to automate manufacturing / production activities. In this era of high industry goods demands, it is becoming increasingly important in the manufacturing process because computerized or robotic machines are capable of handling repetitive tasks quickly and efficiently.

Quaatso Education is the best option to obtain the best Industrial Automation Essentials Training in Noida.

We have company experts to deliver lectures and provide with the information required while learning this online course of Industrial Automation Essentials. In this course, we cover all essential elements required to learn the Essentials of Industrial Automation. This is a very high level course, which clears the view for a new career path and opens a gateway in the field of Industrial Automation.

The course module of Industrial Automation Essentials training Delhi NCR is very well designed.  It covers all the essential concepts and also provide you with the videos which makes the subject interesting and easy to understand. The company experts share their industrial experience and deliver industrial knowledge in their lectures.

Once learned, student can decide which path to choose in order to move in core industries.

Course Curriculum

History of PLC 01:00:00
Logic gates and Timers 01:00:00
Origin of PLC programming 01:00:00
Architecture of PLC 01:00:00
Digital Electronics Basics 01:00:00
Selection of control System 02:00:00
Logic and Building 03:00:00
DCS 03:00:00
SCADA 03:00:00
Terminology of Plant 01:00:00
Digital loops 03:00:00
Types of variables 01:00:00
Cyclic I/O 01:00:00
Feedbacks of signal 02:00:00
Class of valves 01:00:00
Type of Sensors 02:00:00
  • 22,000.00 15,000.00
  • 30 Days
  • 100 SEATS