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Mobile Automation comprises automated test execution of all native apps and web apps.

A mobile app goes though several stages, one of them is testing. With the help of automation the Mobile App Testing time will reduce and the overall quality of app will improve. As we all know the demand of new mobile devices and operating systems is increasingly tremendously and so new devices and operating systems are quickly made available.

It is clear that for this manual testing isn’t efficient. Hence automation testing is required. With automation testing apps are tested in less time consuming and with more accuracy. Mobile Automation is becoming necessary as per the increasing demand of new mobile devices and operating systems in market.

Obtain the best Mobile App Testing Course in Noida

There are many Mobile App Testing Training courses available in market due to its tremendous increasing demand. Fortunately we have the best Mobile App Testing Training in Noida at Quaatso.

At Quaatso the company experts will teach Mobile App Testing in detail covering all the concepts. They also provide you with the useful study material as well as Mobile Testing Training Videos to make learning more interesting.

In this Online Mobile Testing Training course students will learn concepts of Appium and Selendroid.

Pre-requisite of the Online Mobile Training course is Selenium WebDriver and Java. One should have good programming as well as automation knowledge to work better on Mobile automation.

Quaatso provides the best Mobile Application Testing Course in Noida. The online training at Quaatso includes 24×7 supports of Instructors for queries. These training classes are conducted during day time classes, weekend classes, evening batch classes and fast track training classes.

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Mobile Automation
What is mobile Automation? 00:00:00
Different Mobile Apps 00:00:00
Appium 00:00:00
Selendroid 00:00:00
Appium introduction
How Appium works ? 00:00:00
Configuring Appium 00:00:00
Running Appium with CMD 00:00:00
Simulator vs Real Devices 00:00:00
Element finding strategy - 1
Automator 00:00:00
Finding elements with Multiple strategies 00:00:00
Working with xpath 00:00:00
Working with different waits 00:00:00
Element finding strategy - 2
Fetching multiple elements 00:00:00
Spinner 00:00:00
Handling Date Elements 00:00:00
TextView 00:00:00
Testing an web application
fInding objects in mobile browser 00:00:00
UserAgents 00:00:00
Various Launch failure error 00:00:00
Testing live application with appium 00:00:00
Testing an application using simulator
Installing and configuring simulator 00:00:00
Running app on simulator with appium 00:00:00
Apple id and Apple Development Id 00:00:00
Configuring Xcode with Appium 00:00:00
Maven and Git
Appium project with Maven 00:00:00
Appium framework
Creation of appium Framework with Maven 00:00:00

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    Good Content with excellent communication.

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    I am glad that I purchased this course from Quaatso, the learning has been great so far.

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    Mobile automation is an interesting topic and it becomes more interesting and easy to learn if you have a good instructor and study material. I have enrolled for this course and I should say its worth. All my concepts are cleared now.

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    I use to think that automation is really difficult to understand but thanks to Quaatso team for clearing all my concepts and making all things easy for me. Now I must say Mobile Automation is not only interesting but also easy.

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