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PLC & SCADA plays a key role in any industrial automation. Industrial Automation comprises of a set of technologies resulting in operating machines and systems without any human intervention and to achieve remarkably better performance than manual systems in terms of speed, power, energy, and precision of operation.

Information Technology is extensively used in Industrial Automation. Based on the flexibility and the level of integration in manufacturing process operations, Automation Systems can be classified as: Fixed, Programmable, Flexible, and Integrated Automation.

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Course Curriculum

Section 1 : Introduction to PLC
Digital Electronics Basics 01:00:00
How Mega Factories works with PLC ? 02:00:00
Role of PLC in Mega Factories 01:00:00
Role of I&C engineer in Plant 02:00:00
Architecture of PLC 01:00:00
Origin of PLC programming 01:00:00
Type of PLCs 00:30:00
History of PLC 01:00:00
Logic gates and Timers 01:00:00
Section 2 : Working with Sensors
What is sensor and it’s basic principle 02:00:00
Type of Sensors 02:00:00
Temperature type sensor 02:00:00
Flow measuring sensors 03:00:00
Level measuring Sensors 02:00:00
Diaphragm sensor 02:00:00
Conductivity & ph sensor 00:30:00
Gas analyzers 00:30:00
Section 3 : Valve Handling
Valve basics 02:00:00
Types of valves 02:00:00
Valve characteristics  01:00:00
On/Off valves 02:00:00
Parts of valves 03:00:00
Control valves 02:00:00
Actuators and it’s type 02:00:00
Sheet and Plug 01:00:00
Control Signals in Valve 02:00:00
Cv calculation 03:00:00
Class of valves 01:00:00
Section 4 : Digital and Analog signal
Types of signal 02:00:00
Digital signal 01:00:00
Analog signal 01:00:00
Algorithm signal 01:00:00
Packed Signal 00:30:00
Execution flow rate 01:00:00
Wiring of different field devices 03:00:00
Control Wiring loop and Protection 02:00:00
Soft and Hard wire points 01:00:00
Hardwire Interlocks 02:00:00
Feedbacks of signal 02:00:00
Cyclic I/O 01:00:00
Fault finding troubleshooting 02:00:00
Section 5 : Programming of PLC
Types of Programming 00:00:00
Macros and Algos 03:00:00
Variables and Flag 01:00:00
Types of variables 01:00:00
Declaration of Variables 01:00:00
Analog loops 03:00:00
Digital loops 03:00:00
Scaling and tunning 03:00:00
Logic and Building 03:00:00
Navigation of Control 02:00:00
Symbols and Standards 02:00:00
Section 6 : Programming On process simulation
Basic Operation of Plant 03:00:00
Logic Building as per law and Safety 03:00:00
Terminology of Plant 01:00:00
SCADA 03:00:00
Graphics and Color coding 02:00:00
Telemetry System 02:00:00
Network Protocols 02:00:00
DCS 03:00:00
Selection of control System 02:00:00
Safety Monitoring system ( Vibration ) 02:00:00
Emergency tripping devices 02:00:00

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    I have joined for PLC and Scada course in Quaatso. They have a good team. The Instructors are well qualified and have a good industrial which is very beneficial for these types of courses. They provide with a good learning environment and amazing course material.

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    Quaatso is giving a professional and friendly environment for leaning. The Instructors here are very passionate about teaching. All the queries are solved on the same day with good examples. Instructors are there to help 24×7.

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    I heard about Quaatso from my friend. I am currently enrolled for PLC and Scada. Quaatso have efficient Instructors with good industrial experiences. They also provide us with very useful study notes which help in understanding and remembering concepts more easily.

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