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Hesitate to choose testing over development ?

Hesitating in selecting Software Testing as your career over software development! Or professionals seeking answers for how to switch to software testing from other job experiences, then this blog is a must read for them.

For fresh graduates first question in mind may be “Why I should go in Software Testing and why not Software Development”? Of course each and every field has its own relevance. Both software developers and testers are equally important for an organization.

Few Major points can describe better exact profile of Software Testing:

  • Software Testing simply includes the processes by means of which the quality of the application is improved and, thus, is also called Quality Assurance (QA).
  • Software Testers are responsible to assure that software being developed is as per the requirements specification and how can the quality and performance of the software can be enhanced.
  • Testing is done in each and every phase of the product life cycle starting from the verifying software requirement specification documents, designing, coding, and up to end-user acceptance.

Graduates seeking their career in testing field can have a very bright future ahead. A tester can go for various dimensions within it namely – Manual, Automation, and Performance. Simply attain the specialization in Automation and Performance testing by choosing the tools and technologies used within them. Some graduates even think that testing is a kind of lower job than development, is not considered a challenging career path, has less salary than developers, no or little growth opportunities, limited scope for learning, no offshore/client-side chances but this is simply a myth.

Various stages of career Software tester can grow after certification and learning trending platform like Manual testing, SQL, JMeter, Selenium, QTP. Interesting thing is you can move in software development after entering in an organization as a software tester. The more specialized you are in skills, the more fruitful it would be. Step out and go for it.

We @Quaatso provide you online/offline tutorials and classes  to learn latest automated testing tools and technologies and make a stand in this competitive IT industry, by working Engineers in MNCs. Quaatso provides one of the best Selenium training in Noida. Selenium online courses are the most popular courses these days.

Typical teaching bored us, here we made courses for you what exactly engineers required in specific, efficient and interesting way. You will feel like working in MNCs on big project and responsibility of a tester. We here prepare candidates for interviews and teach them how to approach companies. By learning and specializing yourself you can have a bright career in software testing and can even switch from any other job profile.

October 6, 2016

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  1. Now the time came up that tester should know any language if you are doing only manually then it is big challenge to move on from one org to other. So always keep up good skills 🙂

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