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Opportunities in Make in India Project

Modi Government is celebrating first two years of governance and the expectations from the present government are much higher as compared to expectations from many previous governments. The present government, in order to fulfil such expectations, has launched several projects for the development and welfare of the country.

Out of the many projects initiated by the present government, the one which has created maximum buzz is “MAKE IN INDIA” project also known as Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dream project. The said project has been initiated to create millions of job opportunities for the people of India by attracting the global world to invest and manufacture in India. Our Prime Minister has been visiting many foreign countries to open dialogue about the same with many a big players such as Apple, General Electric, Siemens, Alstom, Hawaii, Hitachi and others to invest and/or manufacture in India.

In view of the foregoing, we agree that MAKE IN INDIA project does paint a very rosy picture about the future of INDIA in terms of investments and employment. However, a few questions need to be realistically answered to make sure that “acche din aane wale hain”.  Is INDIA ready to do justice to such an immense project? Are we ready in terms of workforce, infrastructure, technical expertise and the likes to successfully implement the said project?? Is lack of investments the only reason of India’s dismal performance of about 2% in the global manufacturing scenario?? The said questions and a lot more needs be answered before we rejoice in the achievements of our Prime Minister in convincing the major global players to invest in India.

Starting with the technical expertise of the country, the successful implementation of “MAKE IN INDIA” project will require large number of Engineers from various fields like Instrumentation and Control, Automation, Operation, Maintenance, Electrical, Civil, Mechanical in many sectors like Power, Oil and Gas, Automobile, Chemical, Fertilizer, Health and Care, Craft or Mass Production, Packaging and Labelling, fabrication, Lean, flexible and rapid manufacturing.

Do we have enough technical work force in order to cater all such needs? Many will argue that India has a huge workforce of technical people with educational background in all the above domains. However, how many of these technical people are actually employed in the fields related to their educational qualification. Not many, we guess. One reason that Engineers are not able to pursue their careers corresponding to their educational qualification is due to a distorted supply and demand chain i.e. less jobs and more number of qualified people. Due to lack of jobs, engineers are forced to accept any job: not by their choice or area of interest and not even in the industry of choice. Another reason for the same is that IT industry in India is very lucrative and most of the people, although qualified in fields apart from IT, are employed in the IT sector. Will these set of people be willing to leave their high paying jobs and settled careers to participate in the MAKE IN INDIA project. For the sake of argument, even if the answer to the above-said question is in affirmative, will such people be able to contribute effectively to the projects with almost no experience in said fields.

No doubt Online Education is transforming scenario but still lots of work need to do on it.

Moving forward, let’s also talk about the technical workforce which is currently employed in fields crucial to the success of MAKE IN INDIA project such as fields like Instrumentation and Control, Automation, Operation, Maintenance, Electrical, Civil, Mechanical. It is a known fact that only a few manufacturing industries in India uses state of the art technology. Most of the industries still use obsolete technologies and the engineers employed in said firms have expertise limited to said obsolete technologies or at most are putting their efforts to excel without any guidance and/or direction. Will the experience of such workforce be any assistance while dealing with the state of the art technology brought in by the new global players? Will such workforce be able to adapt to the state of the art technologies? If yes, what would be the fate of the current manufacturing industries? Will the advent of new global players wipe off the local industries?? Will the MAKE IN INDIA project strive to strike a balance between the global and the local players?

According to experts India will be a new Manufacturing hub of Asia after China.

  • Manufacturing scale in India is not in good condition.

This table clearly shows India’s manufacturing condition in the world.

China is continuously ruling the world in manufacturing and as per population graph, India should just next to China. Somewhere India failed to utilize Human resources properly in last few decades.

There are many reasons behind it :-

  • Without Automation manufacturing Unit is like a soldier without weapons in the War zone.
  • Infrastructures, roads, connectivity and other basic facilities are prime needs of any government.
  • Geographical situations also matters for investments.

Big Picture will come out within few years and huge number of Engineers from various fields like Instrumentation and Control, Automation, Operation, Maintenance, Electrical, Civil, Mechanical are required in many sectors like Power, Oil and Gas,  Automobile, Chemical, Fertilizer, Health and Care, Craft or Mass Production, Packaging and Labeling,  fabrication, Lean,  flexible and rapid manufacturing.

Big Question: Is India prepared for these big changes to supply huge number of Engineers?

August 15, 2016

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