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Salary difference between Manual and Automation Tester

During the past few years, software testing industry has seen a huge growth in India. Companies from all over the world are Outsourcing their software testing needs to IT companies located here.

Software testing looks like a promising field for young graduates, Manual testing and Automated testing are the two major sections in a software testing industry, Both are equally important for specific tasks and purpose.

However let’s understand the difference in salary earned by an automated software tester when compared to a manual one.

Understanding Manual and Automated testing

However both of the methods have their own pros and cons and they are used for specific purposes like manual testing is used for extra exploratory testing, usability testing whereas automated testing is used for Regression Testing, Load Testing, Repeated Execution or Performance Testing.

Automated testing can cut down on the cost and increase the speed of the process using the scripts and manual testing is suitable when the frequency of repetition is not high and requires human observation.

Difference in the salary

There are many factors which affect the salary of a software tester which included the years of experience they carry or the city they are located and even the industry they work for like medical or finance etc.

But keeping all other things equal there is one factor which affects the salary of a software tester immensely and that is the skills of automated testing.

The average salary of a software tester in India is 3,10,575 rupees and like any other job, the salary of a software tester increases with experience and geographic location but according to an industry survey done on software tester salary it was revealed that software automation is the one skill increases the salary by 20% or even more.

Reason why automated testing rewards you with high pay

Increasing demand for automated testing is the reason for this salary difference, Although some projects might require manual testing but most of them can be done via automated testing, as it can cut the process time which typically last two hours into just two minutes by using an automated script.

This gives us a clear indication that investing time and money in learning this skills is well worth, Moreover looking at the industry trends and comments from the experts we can clearly state that the demand for automated testing is definitely going to increase with time.

Job Trends

qtp vs selenium

By observing the above graph, we can conclude that how important is Automation testing for career growth. So, if you are a QA manual tester and looking for a serious career growth in software testing then learn Selenium, Java, Python, Ruby.  There are many big players in the market providing with Selenium online courses. Being employed you can learn automation testing by these online courses. As we all know in India few cities known as IT Hub like Pune , Banglore , Hyderabad and Delhi NCR. Selenium training in Noida is Popular course these days.


Final Advice

If you are persuaded by the growth in software testing field then we would advise you to upgrade your skills by learning automated testing. It does not really require you to go for a college degree as there are many online education portals available which will even provide you with the certificate after successful completion of the same.

Moreover, it will also allow you to continue your current job while you acquire this new certification side by side.

In addition to automated testing you should also focus on API testing skills and acquire good knowledge in the field of SQL, it’s really effective in determining the salary of a software tester.

September 3, 2016