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Can India be next Silicon valley ??

When we hear the word “Silicon Valley”, an image emerges in our mind of geek minds, power innovations, and investor’s paradise. Silicon Valley is a nickname for the southern part of the San Francisco Bay Area, California. It is a leading hub and start up ecosystem for high-tech innovation and development. It is covering one-third of capital investment in the United States. But what makes it special? It is the drive to ‘play’ with novel technology to create the industrial powerhouse we see today.

India, an emerging IT power whose engineers have established themselves at the head of most premier organizations, like Satya Nadella. Bangalore is called as a Silicon Valley of India for owing large number of emerging start-ups and innovations. India can be a new silicon valley as it is home to largest number of computer science graduates in whole world. These skilled youths can drive Indian IT industry to new heights. Programming Problem Solving skills and dedication towards work of these youths are supreme in the world. Emerging technological leadership of US companies from Indian origin youths has proved it well.

India is best known for its social and cultural domain, but it is also a laboratory for new products developed for developing countries. India is a mosaic of complex problems. And as a solution involves low cost technological solution to high end sophisticated devices. This is the reason that all major IT companies are trying to setup their houses in India and launching customized products. Such large and diverse market provides an opportunity to develop India as next Silicon Valley.

Government has already identified the potential of IT. It has launched several programmes like Digital India, BharatNet etc., to connect every corner of the nation to mainstream digital world. Large scale connectivity and governance projects will provide more vigour to Indian IT industry.

All these factors provide a rosy dream of India emerging as a next big destination in IT world. But, we should come out of these dream and try to face thorny issues of real life. Innovation is a major thread which runs in the veins of Silicon Valley and it is absent from Indian IT industry. Indian organizations are working as an outsourcing bin of US majors. India based product start-ups are changing the existing business models in country by providing innovative solution to existing complex problems.

India has a large army of IT graduates but lacks in required skill to wage a longer battle of supremacy in IT world. As per the report of NASSCOM, only 30% graduates are employable in IT industry without any industrial training. A major reason for lack of technological innovation is a broken link between Indian higher education system and industry.

Indian IT industry is boarding on right path and Bangalore as a start-up capital of nation. But, to recognize the potential of being next Silicon Valley, India needs to fix her education system. By strengthening of college education system or adopting alternate learning models. We have the opportunity to jump at the next level; we need to guide our energy in right direction.

June 20, 2016